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Appliance Tips



Disposal Tips

Tip: Garbage disposals have become fairly common in today’s kitchens. They are a great convenience when they’re working right and smelling good. To keep them running great, here are some things you can do… Turn the water on before you start the disposal and turn it off only after the unit has stopped – this […]

Vent Hood Tips

Tip: Range hoods and fans remove grease and moisture from cooking, and thus collect dirt that needs regular cleaning. Exposed metal inside and out should be washed frequently with a solution of warm water and a light detergent. If very greasy, use ammonia and water and then rinse. Never use abrasive pads or scouring powders […]

Oven Tips

Tip: Get in the habit of wiping down the range top regularly – a clean surface prevents scratches and stops acidic food from eating away at the appliance finish. Remove the oven racks before running the self-cleaning cycle (they can discolor at high temperatures). Additionally, clean around the door and gasket before starting a self-cleaning […]

Stove Tips

Tip: Your burners and oven often accumulate greasy grime that is difficult to scrub away. To keep your range sparkling clean, pour a tablespoon of vinegar on a sponge and wipe the stains on the gas stove carefully. This should make them come off more easily. Follow up by cleaning the stove with some mild […]

Dishwasher Tips

Tip: Run hot water in the sink nearest the dishwasher before starting it. This will ensure that even the first cycle of water is at or near the design temperature of 120 degrees F. If the water isn’t at least 60 degrees F, the soap won’t dissolve. Promptly repair cracks or chips in the plastic […]

Refrigerator Tips

Tip: To remove unpleasant odors from the refrigerator, soak a piece of cotton in a favorite essence like vanilla, lemon, etc. and keep it on the top shelf. After a short time period, opening the refrigerator will greet you with a welcome fragrance! A piece of fresh lime can also help reduce unpleasant odors, especially […]

Microwave Tips

Tip: Avoid unnecessary splattering by covering dishes with wax paper or a paper towel. If the oven does not have a removable glass shelf, a plate or paper towel placed under the food (such as a baked potato) can keep it cleaner. Wipe up spills soon after they occur. Wash regularly with a mild detergent […]

Dryer Tips

Tip: Clean the lint filter after every dryer load. Replace the door seal if it’s loose, worn, damaged or hardened. If you don’t, the warm dryer air will escape, forcing the unit to work harder. Check the seal by holding a tissue near door while the dryer is running. If the tissue is sucked toward […]

Washer Tips

Tip: Fabric softeners are waxy and can gum up in the washer if they are dispensed before being diluted with water. If there’s a fabric softener dispenser on your machine, add the recommended amount of softener and then top off with water. If you’re pouring from a cup, use a 3-to-1 ratio of softener to […]

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