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Tactics for Extending the Lifespan of Your Dishwasher

Like several other modern home appliances, dishwashers have a relatively predictable average lifespan. While there are several different brands and models out there, they all have similar components and characteristics that make spotting the signs of aging pretty simple, and most last between seven and 12 years on average.

At All Pro Appliance, we’re here to help extend the lifespan of your dishwasher through our quality dishwasher repair services, which cover dozens of major brands and come with a full one-year warranty on any parts and labor. What are some of the primary factors in how long your dishwasher will last, and how can you go about extending this period? Here are some general tips.

Factors in Dishwasher Lifespan

There are several variables that will impact dishwasher lifespan potential, including:

  • Use frequency: Likely the top factor here is how often you use the dishwasher. If you’re running roughly five cycles per week, which is about the average for US homes, your lifespan will generally be in the expected 7-12-year range. If you run it significantly more or less, however, this estimate will change.
  • Manufacturer quality: Another big factor is the quality of the machine to begin with, which speaks to the manufacturer and the components used.
  • Price: Down similar lines, a higher price tag may seem imposing at first, but often indicates higher-quality parts that will last longer. It’s important to do your research here before making any purchase.
  • Maintenance: Regularly maintaining and cleaning the dishwasher will help it last longer.

Tactics for Extending Dishwasher Lifespan

Some general tips on helping extend the lifespan of your dishwasher, in addition to professional repairs and maintenance areas our team at All Pro Appliance will be happy to assist you with:

  • Pre-rinsing: Before using the dishwasher, pre-rinse plates and other items to remove major food chunks and debris. These can become trapped in dishwasher filters and reduce the dishwasher’s power and lifespan.
  • Space: When filling the dishwasher, leave proper space between dishes and do not overfill it. This will strain the machine and wear down certain components.
  • Drying: If there’s no rush, air-dry your dishes rather than using the dishwasher’s heat cycle – this uses more energy and includes more strain on components.
  • Hot water: Dishwashers and detergents are both more effective the higher the water temperature is.
  • Cleaning: Finally, take the time to regularly clean out and maintain the dishwasher. There are several parts that may pick up dirt and grime over time, lowering efficiency and providing greater wear and tear on the machine. Take a few minutes once a month to clean the food trap inside the dishwasher, plus the filter – our pros will be happy to show you where these items are. In addition, regularly wipe down door seals and other basic areas.

For more on how to extend the lifespan of your dishwasher, or to learn about any of our appliance repair services for fridges, freezers, ovens or any others, speak to the staff at App Pro Appliance today.

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