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SLC Dishwasher Loading Tips: Temperature, Pods, Fill Level

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to load your dishwasher properly if you use it often. Both for efficiency reasons and to avoid repair or replacement needs, proper dishwasher loading is a helpful tactic that may allow you to get multiple extra years out of your machine in some cases.

At All Pro Appliance Service, we’re here to help with a huge range of appliance repair services in Salt Lake City, including dishwasher repair services and many others. We’re also on-hand, though, to offer our clients basic tips and expertise on how to maximize the lifespan of their existing appliances, including little hacks like proper dishwasher loading that may get you an extra year or two from your dishwasher. Here are a few additional tips we can offer in this area.

Water Temperature

A major factor that impacts both the cleanliness of your dishes and the long-term quality of the machine is the temperature of the water in the machine. Most dishwashers run most efficiently right around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take — this is for a few reasons.

Firstly, food stains dissolve best at this temperature. Secondly, running at a higher temperature can cause the excessive drying that leads to mineral deposits and damage over time. These issues can be counteracted simply by lowering your water heater’s thermostat down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and using the appropriate cycle on your dishwasher.

Pod Usage

If dishwasher efficiency and long-term lifespan are important factors to you, we generally recommend using dishwasher pods instead of liquid or powdered dishwasher soap in the dispenser. The reason for this is simple — pods are designed to dissolve during use, while liquid or powdered soap needs to have water dumped on it in order to mix and then sit for a few minutes before being washed away by the machine’s main spray arm.

If you’re running your dishwasher without enough water and/or without enough time, this may cause your soap to sit inside the tub and dry up. This is particularly true with the powdered and liquid forms of dishwasher detergent, which can clump and harden, resulting in lumps of solid matter that force water out of its intended path and lead to unsanitary cleaning results. These issues may also diminish the lifespan of your dishwasher itself.

Proper Fill Levels

Finally, one of the more intuitive themes here is how full you should pack the dishwasher. The goal here is to run full loads as often as possible to save water, but to avoid any risk of over-filling the machine or damaging its internal parts.

For this reason, we recommend using a standard dishwasher rack to hold your dishes and loading your upper racks with stemware, cups and other breakables that would be easily damaged if they were subjected to too much weight during the wash cycle. This will allow you to run full loads of dishes as often as needed, while still keeping the machine from getting too full.

For more on proper dishwasher loading methods to ensure long-term quality, or to learn about any of our furnace tune-ups or HVAC contractor services in SLC, speak to the staff at All Pro Appliance Service today.

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