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Mice in Appliances: Signs of Their Presence

There are a few critters out there that can be a problem when it comes to certain appliances in your home, and mice are some of the top examples. Due to their protected spaces, heat and sometimes even their access to food, certain home appliances are attractive hiding spots for mice – but there are also some simple ways you can both keep them out and remedy any damage they may have caused.

At All Pro Appliance Service, we’re proud to offer a huge range of appliance repair and maintenance services to clients across Salt Lake City, including things like oven repair, dryer vent repair and more – both common areas where mice may look to nest if they’re not properly deterred or removed. This two-part blog series will go over everything you should know about mice in appliances – today’s part one will look at the various signs that mice are present somewhere in your home, while part two will go over how to remove them from certain specific appliances (and how to remedy any damage they caused, if necessary, a process our professionals are here to help with however needed).

Mice Droppings

One of the most common (and most obvious) signs that mice are present in your home is the presence of their droppings. Generally, you’ll find these near corners or in cupboards or drawers – anywhere they might lurk and be undisturbed as they search for food and nesting spots.

Mice droppings can range from a few millimeters to around 5mm in length, and will often be dark brown or black in color. It’s important to clean these up as soon as you see them – not only because of the potential health risks associated with rodents, but also because their presence may indicate a larger infestation, so it’s best to at least keep an eye out for other signs.


Another tell-tale sign that mice have made their way into your home are small, squeaking noises or scurrying sounds coming from walls or behind appliances. If these become loud enough, it could indicate a large infestation – and again, prompt action should be taken in order to contain the problem.

Strong Urine Smell

In other cases, the presence of mouse urine can be detected by a strong, pungent smell coming from behind certain appliances. This smell can range in severity and is generally indicative of an advanced infestation, meaning immediate action should be taken if you notice any suspicious odors like this.

Damaged Wiring

Finally, one other way to tell if mice have managed to find their way into your home is by looking for evidence of damaged wiring. Often, mice will gnaw on wires as a source of nutrients – and this can pose a huge risk when it comes to the safety of certain appliances or even worse, your entire home.

If you experience any issues with broken wiring in your appliance, it’s best to immediately call a professional for assistance – because not only can this pose safety risks, it can also cause your appliance to stop working altogether.

That concludes part one of our blog series about mice in appliances! For more information, stay tuned for part two, which will go over how to remove them from certain specific appliances (and how to remedy any damage they caused, if necessary). In the meantime, if you need any help with appliance repair in Salt Lake City, don’t hesitate to contact All Pro Appliance Service right away. We’re here to make sure all of your appliances are running properly and safely – no matter what might be lurking behind them!

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