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Factors Impacting SLC Freezer Lifespan

A key factor for any major home appliance is how long it will last, and the freezer in your home is no exception. While freezers tend to last about 12-20 years in most cases, with the average around 16 years, a number of factors will play a role in determining precisely how long your freezer works optimally for.

At All Pro Appliance Service, we’re here to help with numerous appliance repair and related solutions in Salt Lake City, including freezer repair and any other major appliance in your home. Whether we’re providing you with a new freezer model or offering repairs on an existing one, we’re commonly asked about the expected lifespan for a given freezer, plus which variables impact it. Here’s a primer on all the important factors that play into your freezer’s expected lifespan.

Model Quality

First and foremost, it’s important to note that not all freezers are created equal – not even close, in fact. Rather, there are a wide range of different models up and down the pricing scale, from upscale and luxury freezers down to those using lower-quality parts.

Some of this will depend on the brand in question, though many brands offer several different levels of material or quality. There’s also size to think about: As you may have guessed, smaller mini-freezers tend to last for shorter periods than full-size home freezers or refrigerator-freezer pairs.

Proper Usage

Next up is proper usage, which is found by utilizing the instruction manual that comes with any new freezer. Most of the themes within these manuals are incredibly simple, plus as removing obstructions from freezer vents or avoiding overfilling of the appliance. If you have questions or concerns about any part of your freezer’s basic usage, contact either the manufacturer or our professionals.

Maintenance and Upkeep

That 16-year average lifespan for your freezer that we went over above? That number is only valid if you’re properly maintaining the item. From basics like wiping up spills immediately and maintaining proper temperature (between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit, unless directions say otherwise) to defrosting and deep cleaning the freezer roughly once every six months, you have some responsibilities here as a homeowner that will lengthen your expected freezer lifespan.

Repair Needs

If issues come up that you’re unable to deal with, it’s vital to call our pros for assistance. If you try this yourself without proper training, or if you utilize less reputable repair companies, you may find aftermarket parts or other repair shortcuts, including the type that might even void a freezer warranty – but that’s never a concern with our professional team.

Temperature and Surroundings

Finally, the temperature of the freezer’s environment is important along with its interior temperature. If the freezer is in the garage, outside, or next to a window that gets lots of heat from the sun, this will wear down expected lifespan by forcing the freezer to work harder.

For more on the factors that impact freezer lifespan, or to learn about any of our appliance repair services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at All Pro Appliance Service today.

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