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Basics for Cleaning Ice Makers and Ice Machines

Particularly during the hot Utah summer we’re still dealing with, having options to keep yourself and the family cool on a sweltering day is important. One such outlet is the presence of ice, which in virtually all homes is provided by either an ice maker or, in rarer cases, an ice machine.

At All Pro Appliance, we’re here to help with a wide range of ice maker and ice machine repair services. One of the simplest ways to keep your ice creator in good shape and avoid having to call our pros for repairs too often: Performing easy, straightforward cleaning tasks. Let’s go over the difference between an ice machine and ice maker, plus how to care for both if they’re in your home or building and keep them working properly for years.

Ice Maker Vs. Ice Machine

An ice maker is something many Utah residents have in their home. It’s an item built into a traditional fridge/freezer unit, the area we all know where you can hold a cup or glass up to the proper area and have ice (or water) pour into it. Ice makers produce a moderate volume of ice cubes, and are generally perfect for most families.

An ice machine, on the other hand, is a smaller version of a full-scale machine you’d see at a restaurant or in a hotel. They do not attach to a fridge or freezer, rather standing alone and existing only to make ice cubes. Within homes, they can fit underneath counters or may be found in portable formats. These models can produce a large quantity of ice, often used for parties or family get-togethers.

Ice Maker Care

Ice makers are extremely easy to care for in most cases. All you have to do is empty the bin every few months, wiping down the inside with a very mild detergent and warm water. Fully dry the bin and then return it. If you happen to smell a strange odor coming from your ice, it’s possible you’ll need a new water filter.

Ice Machine Care

An ice machine is a bit more complex to clean, a process that may vary between brands. In general, though, here are some basic cleaning steps:

  • Unplug the machine.
  • Empty the ice bin completely, then wash it with mild detergent or another product recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Turn off the water supply to the machine, then remove the drain cap and let the water pan drip into another container. Then replace the drain cap.
  • Replace the bin plug the machine back in, and run a cleaning cycle.
  • Dump the ice, refill some clean water, and run the cycle again.
  • Dump the ice and re-attach the water supply, and you’re ready to go.

For more on how to clean your ice maker or ice machine to keep it in good condition, or to learn about any of our appliance repair services throughout your home, speak to the staff at All Pro Appliance today.

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