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June 28, 2016
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June 28, 2016

Same-Day Washer Repair In Salt Lake City

“My Maytag washer wasn’t draining during its cycles. The wonderful service tech at All Pro Appliance told me I could replace a part OR he could try tightening the existing part to see if that solved the problem. If it didn’t work, he said he would come out again and replace the faulty part. The part was tightened, the charge was reasonable, and the washer has been working great ever since, I will definitely use this VERY HONEST and reputable repair company again in the future”– Linda K.
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Washer Repair In Salt Lake City
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Fixing a washing machine is usually the better option over buying a new unit, since it’s the one that costs less. Similar to any other repair, the ability of the technician to detect and propose an effective solution will determine how much you will have to spend on the repair.

The All Pro Promise

The biggest reason the technicians from All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. are considered the best hands for washer repair in Salt Lake Cityis because they always put the client first. Our goal is to ensure that our technicians can quickly detect the source of the breakdown. We’re never content with just repairing the surface symptom of a problem, as that’s nothing more than a Band-Aid solution. We’ll suggest a solution that keeps the unit from malfunctioning again and save you money on repeat repairs.

Expert Repairs for All Brands

Another important way we help our clients save money is our experience with virtually every brand of washing machine available on the market. There are very few repair service providers that can match the comprehensive library of knowledge that we possess regarding the various manufacturer systems.

We don’t have to triple check whether we’re looking at the right schematics for a certain brand before proposing the correct solution. This saves you time on our visit, as we’ll only need your permission and we can begin work as soon as possible.

The efficiency of our Salt Lake City washer repair technicians makes them the most cost-effective choice for every stage of the repair. We make sure that you’ll only need to call us once for a specific type of repair; our goal is to make sure we’ll fix the problem on the first attempt. This allows you to enjoy your washing machine longer, and you’ll save yourself from the inconvenience of having to shop for a new unit.

Wherever you live in Salt Lake City, we can get to your house and fix your washing machine on the same day you booked your appointment. Give us a call today or browse through our website to learn more about other repair services we offer.

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