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June 28, 2016
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Oven Repair Service
June 28, 2016

Microwave Repair Experts In Salt Lake City

“My old microwave stopped working, but I didn’t want to get rid of it because of its size. I called All Pro Appliance and they were excellent at finding the problem and making the necessary repair right then and there; and it was very inexpensive. I was afraid because of its age there was no hope it could be fixed. Thank you All Pro Appliance for saving me the cost of buying a new microwave.”– Carolyn H..

Microwaves are so handy that they tend to be the most overused appliance in the kitchen. The most common problems with microwaves usually stem from issues with the diodes, magnetron, or transformer. When your microwave stops heating food or the touch pads don’t work, don’t replace it just yet. Let our microwave repair experts at All Pro Appliance, Inc. have a look at it first.

Professional Microwave Repairs for All Brands

There could be other issues, too, such as the plate doesn’t spin or the bulb no longer lights when the microwave runs. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your appliance and identify the root cause of the problem. No matter the brand and model of your unit, you can expect our technicians to have the necessary tools and parts to repair it.

What You Can Expect from All Pro Appliance, Inc.

Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot all issues associated with microwaves. Salt Lake City locals trust us when it comes to fast and dependable repairs. Our goal is to address the real cause of the breakdown, and not just the symptoms, so you don’t have to call us for repeat repairs.

Microwaves are a marvel in the kitchen, fit for our fast-paced lifestyle. Thanks to them, we can enjoy hot meals with just a click of a button. A faulty microwave can be a big inconvenience. But with the help of All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. and our microwave service team, you can get your microwave running again in no time. Contact us today to make an appointment, or browse our website to learn more about what we do.

When you schedule an appointment, you can expect:

  • Fast, friendly, and courteous service
  • A great repair experience
  • Quality, original manufacturer’s parts on all repairs
  • A trained, professional technician
  • Trucks that are stocked with the most commonly used
  • Parts for quick service and repair
  • A diagnosis of the problem
  • An estimate for repair
  • Repairs completed in a timely fashion
  • Flexible hours for service at no extra charge
  • Free diagnosis with any repair.
  • 90 DAYS WARRANTY on all parts and labor
Microwave Repair In Salt Lake City
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