Professional Ice Machine Repair In Salt Lake City
Ice Machine Repair
June 28, 2016
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Dishwasher Repair
June 28, 2016

Professional Ice Machine Repairs in Salt Lake City

“We thought the old Frigidaire icemaker had bit the dust, but we were happy to find out the was not the case when the tech from All Pro Appliance showed up. He found the problem. It just needed the water line. He replaced it and it is as good as new – much less than the cost of buying a new refrigerator. The technician was a really nice and knowledgeable man. I’ll tell my family and friends about you.”– Coral R.

In Salt Lake City, there is always a great need for ice, whether it’s for cooking, creating your favorite cocktail, or numbing the pain caused by an injury. When your ice maker machine stops making ice or it freezes up, then there’s absolutely something wrong with the unit.

You can attempt to troubleshoot the problem, but if you’re looking for fast and professional ice machine repair services, get in touch with All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. today.

Ice Maker Repairs for All Makes and Models

Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair all types of ice maker problems, be it in the water fill valve in the fridge, the water supply line, or something more serious. Our technicians have worked with almost every make and model of ice machines and ice makers on the market. So, you don’t have to worry about not getting the right parts to get your machine running smoothly again.

Making Ice Makers Last

Most ice makers are prone to damage and have a shorter lifespan than your fridge; but, with our care, you will enjoy cold drinks for many years to come. Whether you have an ice maker integrated in your fridge or a portable one, we carry the parts and tools to repair these.

While you have the option to replace your ice maker with a compatible unit, our technicians will find a way to give your machine a new lease on life.

Ice makers are an essential tool to have, especially during hot summer months. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss an ice machine repair schedule that’s convenient for you. If you have any other appliance that’s not performing optimally, browse through our extensive range of repair services. At All Pro Appliance Service, Inc., you can expect dependable and professional service, at all times.

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Ice Machine Repairs in Salt Lake City
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