Trusted Appliance Service in Salt Lake City

All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. is the name homeowners trust when it comes to appliance repair in Salt Lake City.

The modern American home is a highly functional and technologically advanced space. There’s a machine responsible for at least one aspect of daily life. Take a look at the journey of our food as an example: the refrigerator preserves food, the microwave heats the food, and the disposal takes care of any leftovers. There’s a clear linear progression from one end of the process to another, but what happens when something along that line breaks down?

That’s the part where we come in. As one of the leading providers of emergency appliance repair in Salt Lake City, we can fix everything, regardless if it washes, dries, freezes, or heats. Our teams have years of experience and repair knowledge at their disposal whenever they go to a house for a repair. Clients can be sure that when they call us, they’ll be getting professional and efficient service that won’t disrupt their day and will get their routines back on track.

We understand the kind of disaster that may result from a broken dishwasher, or when your refrigerator is not cold. It gets frustrating when the dirty dishes start piling up or you don’t have the means to properly preserve food. We can inspect any appliance, determine the source of the problem, and suggest the best solution to get the machine up and running as soon as possible. We also mean it when we say we’ll find the real source of the problem. We don’t just apply quick fixes to a unit’s symptoms; we know how these systems work and we find the real reason it’s breaking down.

Our team of appliance repair experts in Salt Lake City services an extensive range of appliances of makes and models, a convenience only few providers can offer. All you need to do is give us a call, set up an appointment, and we’ll take care of everything from there. Click on the links below to see the kind of services you can expect for every appliance that we can fix for you.

“Where the service is ALL PRO!”

When you schedule an appointment, you can expect:

  • Fast, friendly, and courteous service
  • A great repair experience
  • Quality, original manufacturer’s parts on all repairs
  • A trained, professional technician
  • Trucks that are stocked with the most commonly used Parts for quick service and repair     A diagnosis of the problem
  • An estimate for repair
  • Repairs completed in a timely fashion
  • Flexible hours for service at no extra charge
  • Free diagnosis with any repair.
  • ONE FULL YEAR WARRANTY on all parts and labor