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Appliances Tripping SLC Circuit Breaker: Overheating and Overload

Homeowners who have dealt with circuit breaker issues in the past know they’re no fun, and they may arise from a few different potential sources. One of these that some people don’t pay enough attention to: Circuit breaker issues that arise due to issues with various home appliances that are connected to the circuit.

At All Pro Appliance Service, we’re happy to provide services and appliance repairs to every appliance your Salt Lake City home may contain, including all the top brands across several different appliance types. We’ve assisted many homeowners with appliance issues that are leading to circuit breaker problems, and we know how to diagnose these concerns. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some of the most common reasons why appliances may trip your circuit breaker, plus how these situations can be remedied and avoided in the future.

Appliance Overheating

There are a few reasons why appliances in your home may begin to overheat, from user error (think of things like overloading a clothes dryer or leaving the stove plugged in when not using it) to more serious concerns like a faulty heating element or cooling fan. If you’ve been using the appliance correctly, it still could overheat due to other concerns.

When this happens, a circuit may be overloaded or tripped, and the breaker will need to be turned off for safety reasons. If this keeps happening with an appliance, it’s time to contact a professional like those at All Pro Appliance Service Salt Lake City technicians use their expertise to inspect your appliance and determine what is wrong.

Circuit Overload

Another very common issue in this realm is when your breaker panel is too small to handle the electrical load you’re demanding of it with various appliances and electronics. If you overload a circuit, the breaker will trip to prevent a fire from starting and harm from being done.

If you have been adding new appliances or components to your home that use electricity, talk with your local electrician about having an upgrade performed on the circuit panel so you can add more outlets without overloading them. You can also test this yourself by unplugging everything connected to a given circuit, then switching on appliances one at a time to see if they trip the breaker. If not, you know it’s a power issue and not an appliance malfunction. If you do carry out such a test on your own, be sure to take safety precautions and avoid any potential injury or equipment damage.

If you’re experiencing circuit breaker problems that seem to go beyond any of the above reasons, it’s time to contact a professional for repair help. For more on this, or to learn about any of our appliance repair services in SLC or nearby areas, speak to the team at All Pro Appliance Service today.

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